Meet Our Team

Karolina LaBrecque, Ph.D.

Owner, Behavioral Consultant and Life Coach

Karolina LaBrecque, PhD is a holistic behavioral consultant and life coach who specializes in assisting individuals ranging from teenagers to adults of all ages in reducing stress, reaching their full potential, and living more balanced lives. 

Karolina graduated with a Master of Psychology from the University of Warsaw in Poland, and also received a PhD in Rehabilitation (with concentration in autism) from Pilsudski University of Physical Education in Warsaw Poland. She completed training in applied behavioral analysis, life coaching and Dr. Sears wellness coaching from prenatal through senior years. 

With a background in psychology and physical therapy, and experience as a University Professor for over 20 years, Karolina has a unique perspective of the mind/body connection which allows for deep insights. Targeting areas that people struggle with most such as time and stress management and anxiety, she is able to activate the high performance drive within each of us.

Karolina has been published in several scholarly articles as well as book chapters with an emphasis on parenting and therapeutics. In 2014, Karolina authored and published her own book “Horse as a Therapist for Autistic Child: The guide for parents and therapists.” Today she speaks and shares her wealth of knowledge at conferences and workshops all over the world.

Besides her in-depth professional and educational experience, Karolina also has personal experience in overcoming various challenges in life; from immigrating to the USA to overcoming a traumatic brain injury while parenting two young children.

Eliza Skórczyńska

Life Coach and Leadership Coach

Eliza is a certified business coach and a professional certified coach, with a background in sociology and social communication and over 20 years of experience in sports coaching, working with individuals and groups. She has also completed the Train The Trainer facilitator course, accredited by the European Association of Horse Assisted Education. Inspired by the Horse Assisted Education method, Eliza is convinced that training with horses teaches people conscious leadership and authentic communication.

Between 2015-2018 Eliza owned a horse training company, called Equesta Horse-coaching. In this role, she organized many trainings and workshops for judges, trainers, and riders, prepared and developed training materials, and conducted workshops with horses, using the Horse Assisted Education method. She is also the author of an innovative project titled, “Galloping Toward Goals: Occupational activation of disabled people using the Horse Assisted Education method.” 

Eliza is passionate about helping others by passing on her knowledge, inspiring them to improve their self-awareness and reach their potential. This passion is what drives her main professional goal, which is to improve upon her coaching and training skills so she can continue to help others in this way. Her inner path is one of passion, continuous improvement of new competencies, and inner development. In her coaching work, Eliza helps people find balance in their everyday lives and at work. Outside of work, her greatest passions are horse riding, hiking, and spending time in the mountains.

Michelle Powers, Fitness and Health Coach

Michelle Powers

Life Coach and Leadership Coach

Michelle is the founder and CEO of Powerhouse Fitness and Health, LLC. She is a Certified Life and Health Coach and Certified Black Belt in Muay Thai Kickboxing. Michelle has been helping people for over 20 years to take action to achieve a healthier lifestyle.

Michelle believes that your habits, your body, your nutrition, and your mindset all work together to move you forward, and that messes in one area mess up the others. She also believes that taking small action steps in these areas can bring about lasting change and put you on the path to a healthier you.

Michelle has successfully helped people lose body fat and gain muscle, establish better life habits, gain better insight and knowledge about their nutrition, and stop self-sabotage, and she has watched as people start to readjust and grow again. This is what sets her on fire and fuels her every day. She wants to help more people learn about what works for them and help them grow and reach their goals in their own way.
Michelle is a proud mother of 3 incredibly happy, healthy, successful young adults. Raising them on her own and developing herself was one of the hardest and most successful things she has ever done. But as a result, she learned that you can accomplish your goals if you are willing to do the required work.

Michelle is a firm believer in continuing to improve herself and to grow every day. She is passionate about helping people reach healthier lifestyle goals so they can thrive and keep moving forward. Everything she teaches comes back to: “Your habits, Your body, Your nutrition, Your mindset.”

When she is not coaching, Michelle loves to watch the sun come up on St. Augustine beach, walk her dog, Louis, run, teach Muay Thai kickboxing, ride her bike, and be active with her family and friends hiking and exploring. She is also into crafting and other creative activities, playing puzzles and games, and loves a good glass of wine and exploring craft beers.