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Achieving Balance

Help to Grow Institute offers professional life coaching services. Located in Rochester, NH, Help To Grow Institute serves a diverse client base, helping with issues ranging from weight loss to autism, through goal-setting and attainment, inspiration, and coping mechanisms to better handle stress. 

Owner Karolina Labrecque is a driven and empathic leader in her field of study and views her chosen career as a mission. She is a firm believer in the interconnectedness of the mind and body and works with clients to reach specific short and long-term goals.

Our Mission

Karolina LaBrecque, PhD is a holistic behavioral consultant and life coach who specializes in assisting individuals ranging from teenagers to adults of all ages in reducing stress, reaching their full potential, and living more balanced lives. 

Whether you are diagnosed with ADHD, ADD, ASD, or have no diagnosis, Karolina’s approach focuses on the individual and not the diagnosis. She truly believes that everyone is capable of having a fulfilled, happy, and balanced life, and her mission is to help others achieve it.

“I believe that everyone has a mission in life and a lot of potential. Some people are able to get there without help; others need varying degrees of support. There are some pretty cool tools out there which allow us to achieve the highest level of our abilities.  

I am passionate about using these tools, along with my expertise and life experience to help people be the best version of themselves.” 

Coaching Solutions & Model

Help To Grow Institute provides individual coaching services, group coaching sessions, and a variety of group training/workshops where she often collaborates with other members of her professional network. 

Our model is all about finding your big WHY, taking consistent action and eliminating distractions along the way – with a goal of bringing balance and tranquility to your life. What a happy, balanced life looks like differs slightly or significantly from person to person. 

“I especially enjoy helping the underdog and people who were told, ‘You will never be able to do that!’ I help people go from ‘I can’t’ to ‘I can’ to ‘I will.’” – Karolina LaBrecque

Meet Our Team

Karolina LaBrecque, PhD

Karolina LaBrecque, PhD


Eliza Skórczyńska

Eliza Skórczyńska

Life and Leadership Coach

Michelle Powers

Michelle Powers

Fitness and Health Coach


Hear how Karolina has helped people overcome obstacles such as stress, anxiety, and other diagnoses, and how she has helped people to reach their highest potential.

Let’s work together to see what you’re capable of.