Hear from the people Karolina has helped to overcome obstacles such as stress, anxiety, and other life challenges.

“I began working with Karolina after a huge life change and after being diagnosed with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) and ADHD. I was not only in a depression, but I was socially isolating myself and had major anxiety about making new friends and trying new things. This process that Karolina uses has been very effective for me because I’m able to see a measurable difference between then and now. I currently have much less anxiety about meeting new people or trying new activities and my social isolation and thus depression has improved greatly. I’ve been able to come out of my shell and gain more confidence socially. I highly recommend Karolina and have no doubt that I’ll be able to reach the remainder of my goals.”

– Nara


When I met Karolina, I was working at a full-time corporate job that was sucking the life out of me. I was working overtime every week at something that I just wasn’t passionate about. I was also trying to build my own business and grow with a multi-level marketing company at the same time. We’ve been working together for over a year now. In that time, she has helped me find a new job that is much more aligned with what is important to me and has been giving me digestible steps to take to push me forward in my businesses. She has also supported me immensely through some pretty big personal changes in my life, including the end of an 8 year relationship with my now ex, the death of my grandmother, and the death of my own mother. A lot has happened in a year, and although certain things are still tough, I would be much worse off with Karolina’s guidance and support as a coach. Thanks, girl!

– Angela


“Before we met I was pretty absorbed in what was going wrong in my life; I didn’t have the social life I used to, I wasn’t enjoying school, and I was feeling a lot more anxiety than I was used to. I was busy too, but I didn’t’ plan everything out accordingly and I let myself get stressed over completing my goals. I felt like my bad thoughts were controlling my life…Our meetings helped me progress in several ways. For one, I have learned that I am in control of my thoughts; my thoughts do not control me. I’ve also gotten better with second guessing myself in my social life and academically…I’ve learned to confront my past, present, and future, by accepting what I can’t change and working to improve what I can.

– Hanna, Junior High-School Student


Karolina is an incredibly helpful coach. We have been working together for several months and she made a difference in my life from the very early stages of working together. My mind is much clear and I am much more relaxed. She has given me tips on how to change my thinking and perspective on my situation that have truly made a difference in decreasing the level of stress in my life. I have told her exactly what kind of support I need and she continuously supports me in that way. I used to doubt the efficacy of life coaches because it seems that anyone can become one. However, Karolina has proven to be a very powerful coach, especially after learning about all the adversity that she has been through in her life. She is a coach that I very highly recommend.

– Brett L. 


I’ve been working with Karolina for a little over a year now. I had never considered the possibility of a life coach, until February 2019. I was at my limit, my nadir, and I was hopeless. As a last resort, I went out on a limb, and hired Karolina. I am proud to say it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. 

I have had numerous psychologists/therapists work with me in the past, but none have had such a profound impact on me as Karolina has. Once I had had my first psychologist, I stuck with psychologists. Psychologists helped me greatly, but it always felt forced – something was always missing, regardless of who I worked with. Working with Karolina has shown me the world of potential that is life coaching.

 Life coaching is therapy, amplified.

Karolina is not just a life coach; she’s a teacher, a learner, a confidant, a mentor, but most importantly – she’s a friend. A supporter. She’s there to pick you up when you fall, and cheer you on why you fly. 

I had severe depression before I met Karolina; I could hardly get out of bed. Now, I’m making myself breakfast, showering regularly, walking my dog. I’ve reached out to friends I haven’t had the strength to speak to in months, that mean the world to me.

I had crippling social anxiety before I met Karolina. Don’t get me wrong; I’m far from perfect, but I’ve improved significantly. Now, I’ve got a job in customer service. I’m giving my number out to people I get along with. I’m ordering food by myself, for the first time ever. I’m confident when I speak, when I move, when I sing and dance. 

I had extreme general anxiety before I met Karolina. Now, I can look at my homework without being hurled into a panic attack. I can do my morning routine without feeling overwhelmed. When multiple people start talking at once, I don’t freak out nearly as much as I used to.

I also have ADD, which impacted me significantly every day before I met Karolina. Now, I have sectioned binders for each school subject, instead of tossing every assignment into a random folder. Important dates and appointments get written in a planner that gets carried everywhere, and also become a reminder on my cell phone. I actually have a morning routine, instead of scrambling about in the morning, trying to see what I could have forgotten to do.

I have grown so much in the short time I’ve worked with Karolina, and I am eternally grateful for it. I’ve really started to become my own person. I’m learning to embrace my flaws and imperfections; to love them, because they’re perfect in their own way. I’m learning not to overcomplicate things; take one thing at a time, little by little, instead of focusing on the huge, sometimes daunting whole. I’m learning to see the beauty in the world again- the honeyed tune of a morning songbird, the breeze tickling the scarlet and amber leaves of autumn, the simple joy of finding a penny heads-up on the pavement.

Karolina is incredible. With her help, my eyes are finally open to the opportunities the world is offering. I’m twice the person I ever imagined I could be, looking back at who I was but a year ago. Life always has been, and always will be worth living; even if I’m only just now realizing it.

Karolina’s kindness, wisdom, and compassion are like nothing I’ve ever seen before. If you want to change, if you want to grow, if you want to thrive, Help to Grow Institute is the answer. Dr. Karolina LaBrecque is highly educated, highly experienced, and is highly adept at solving any problem you throw her way; no matter how “unsolvable” it may be. I can’t imagine life without her. She’s my anchor in this tsunami of a world we live in. My life really started with Help to Grow Institute.

It’s truly the gift that keeps on giving.

– Anonymous

Let’s work together to see what you’re capable of.